Can AHCC cure HPV?

HPV, or human papillomavirus infection, is a very common viral disease that affects more than 3 million people a year in the United States alone. Despite its prevalence, there is no known cure or effective treatment.

In recent years, AHCC has begun to repeatedly show promise as an effective cure and treatment for HPV. This is a significant development for disease that is so prevalent and is known to lead to even more severe conditions such as cervical cancer.

What evidence is there to support this? What are other AHCC users saying about its efficacy against HPV? Read on to find out!

What is the mechanism for how AHCC can cure HPV?

HPV had previously been known to remain in an infected person forever. However, recent research has shown that HPV will typically be cleared on its own within 2 years.

It is therefore important to note that most HPV infections will be resolved on their own, without any treatment. In many cases, however, HPV will be persistent, not clearing up on its own. The virus can also lay dormant, surfacing many years later.

When the virus does not go away, this is when things can get serious. When an HPV infection lingers, this can cause more severe symptoms and complications such as genital warts and cervical cancer.

Why wouldn't HPV go away on its own? As soon as a person becomes infected with HPV, the body will work to eradicate the virus through an immune response. In people with weakened immune systems, however, removing the virus from the body can be challenging.

As we've discussed at length, AHCC has been shown to improve immune system strength.

By harnessing the power of acetylated alpha-glucan, AHCC gives the immune system a big boost, helping to clear the body of HPV. Additionally, AHCC will increase the number of white blood cells for an additional boost.

Therefore, the purported mechanism of how AHCC can cure HPV is that the active ingredients in AHCC help the immune system remove the virus from the body far quicker than it would be able to by itself.

What do clinical trial results say about AHCC curing HPV?

The most well-known clinical trial comes from 2013 from the University of Texas Austin. The participants were 10 women who tested positive for HPV.

After taking a dosage of 3 mg daily, 5 out of 10 women achieved a negative HPV result. In short, this represents about a 50% success rate.

Does 50% sound promising? Yes, and no. If you think of it as having a 50-50 chance that you can resolve and HPV infection through a natural supplement, that is quite impressive.

On the other hand, though, it is difficult to prove that the 5 women who were cured were cured specifically because of their AHCC dosage. There was no control group used in this round of trials.

The research notes also provide this detail by saying that all of the women in the test had also tested for HPV between 6 and 18 months ago.

This means that for some of the women who had the HPV for 18 months already, their HPV was possibly on its way to being cured without the AHCC supplement.

It is worth noting that this laboratory was able to also show in non-human trials effective resolution of HPV viruses in pre-clinical studies. This includes both animal trials and laboratory trials.

Further trials that have a control group are scheduled to be complete in 2018.

Why aren't more doctors offering AHCC for HPV infections?

As we have seen, AHCC has shown extensive promise in boosting the immune response. The number of studies that specifically look into the effect of AHCC on HPV infections, however, is very limited. Therefore, doctors would be hard-pressed to make a formal recommendation to their patients at this time.

However, because AHCC has no side effects* and is a completely natural supplement, the typical concerns that surround experimental drugs do not exist. Rather, as an established immune system support supplement, there are no known health concerns* surrounding its use.

*The one known drug interaction of AHCC is that it reduces the efficacy of Zofran and Zoloft.

What dosage of AHCC should be taken to remove HPV?

In general, 1 to 3 grams of AHCC active ingredient is a suggested dosage amount for general immune system maintenance.

In some cases, such as when HPV remains persistent and does not seem to clear up despite the 1-3 gram dosage, the dosage can be increased to 3-6 grams.

It is best to take AHCC three times a day. So, if you are taking 6 grams of AHCC per day, you should take 2 grams per meal (3x).

There are no known health concerns with exceeding the 6 grams per day limit, but the efficacy of the AHCC does not increase past this dosage. In other words, the 7th and 8th gram per day do not have any additional benefit compared to the 6th gram.

What are examples of people who have successfully used AHCC to cure HPV?

Please please please! If you have been diagnosed with HPV you have got to take action. I had been diagnosed with high risk HPV. After just loosing my best friend of 15 years to cervical cancer. She was only 33 years old. Only after taking it for a week the bump on my inner thigh began to change. It got smaller and changed in texture. If it is doing this on the outside of my body I can only imaging what it is doing on the inside. After a month the bump is nearly gone. It is totally smooth with the surface of my skin and the only remnants is the skin texture is thinner than the other surrounding skin. I have also noticed that other bumps on my body are changing. Getting lighter and smaller in height. Bumps that are not related to the HPV.

-Macie Zoble

My doctor recommended this and have been taking it ever since they found HPV cells. I just had a 3rd pap and I am clear of the cells. I will continue taking them as a preventive measure but it really works.


I was diagnosed with high grade cancer causing HPV. My husband and I shared a bottle, we took 1 each, every morning for 30 days. I went for a pap after 30 days and was HPV negative. I went back again last week and the test is still negative. I told my doctor I was taking something that Healed me and she never asked what it was. She could have help her other patients that have the same problem. I'm watching commercial saying there's no cure on TV all the time.. well there is.. trust me this has really changed my life. I no longer have fear of developing cancers from HPV.


As you can see, there are quite a few cases of AHCC helping to clear up HPV infections.

Although individual results are of course just individual results and may vary, it is promising to see that there are numerous reports of AHCC helping to clear up HPV infections.

Bottom line

AHCC has been shown to improve numerous components of the human immune system. HPV is a disease that has no cure, which means that only the immune system can eliminate and combat its progression to more severe forms of the disease such as cervical cancer.

Although AHCC may not be considered a "cure" in the traditional sense, by giving the immune system the boost that it needs, it can be an extremely effective supplement to help resolve HPV infections.

Precisely because HPV can be particularly risky and dangerous when an infection lingers for a long time, it is absolutely critical that you do everything you can to help your immune system overcome the infection.

Is AHCC an absolute cure for HPV infections? No, as it does not directly attack the HPV virus, and it may or may not be effective for you. Based on the available research to date, however, AHCC has been shown to have no side effects (except for those undergoing chemotherapy) and very high potential for boosting the immune system.

If it helps even just a little bit to increase your chances of a quick recovery and prevent its progression towards more severe diseases, we strongly believe that AHCC is worth a try.

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