Is AHCC safe to consume?

Despite all of the positive things you've heard about how AHCC can help provide total immune health for your body, you may be wondering if there are any negative side effects or other things you should be concerned about.

Below, we've summarized everything we know about the safety of AHCC and whether there are any items you should be concerned about.

What are the side effects of AHCC?

Because AHCC is a natural supplement, there are no known side effects.

Since 1983, scientists have continued to produce studies and research surrounding AHCC and its safety. To date, despite the dozens of research projects conducted, there have been no known toxicity or safety issues surrounding AHCC.

The one exception is patients who are taking Zofran and Zoloft - AHCC is known to reduce the efficacy of these drugs.

Can I take AHCC even when I am not sick?

Absolutely - AHCC is a very effective immune system supplement, and can help maintain overall immune health. With modern lifestyles, it can be easy to maintain sufficient rest and nutrition, and our immune systems can suffer as a result.

This makes it even more important to take AHCC on a daily basis (typically 1-2 grams is sufficient) to ensure that our immune systems are maintained properly.

How should I consume AHCC?

AHCC is available as a powder, capsule and liquid. These should be taken orally only, and never injected.

AHCC should be taken three times a day, as opposed to all at once. It can be taken alongside a meal.

For patients who have difficulty swallowing the powder or capsule, the powder can be mixed with food such as yogurt.

Who makes AHCC?

The only manufacturer of AHCC in the world is Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd, a Japanese company. Because they own the proprietary formula and processing methodology, no other manufacturer is able to manufacture AHCC.

This means that if you purchase AHCC from a reputable source that can legitimately trace its link to Amino Up, you will not be dealing with any variability or variations between manufacturers and companies.

Amino Up has a very stringent quality control process with computer monitoring for all aspects of the operation.

There is a particular emphasis on ensuring that external contamination does not occur, and the latest technologies are used to inspect all product.

What are the ingredients of AHCC?

First of all, it can be very useful to understand what the ingredients of AHCC are to understand whether there is any health risk involved at the ingredient level.

Because AHCC is derived from mushrooms, all of the chemical components and active ingredients can also be considered fully natural products.

According to the AHCC patient's guide, the chemical composition of AHCC is the following:

44%: carbohydrates
37%: fats
7%: proteins
4.5%: fiber
4.5%: sodium and potassium
1.3%: water
0.3% each: vitamins B1, B2 and B3

The active ingredient in AHCC is a type of carbohydrate named acetylated alpha-glucan.

Is AHCC safe for children?

Yes, children can take AHCC, but their dosage should be reduced to 50% of the adult dose.

Is AHCC safe for the elderly?

Yes, but for some elderly patients, it can be a good idea to monitor their dosage as AHCC may cause some digestive discomfort in a small proportion of individuals.

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